History and Mission

The company was founded in 2009 by Michele Zanella, a Padova-born entrepreneur with the idea of a "combinable" watch. The O clock, with interchangeable silicone straps and watch movements, was unveiled in 2010 during the famous Salone del Mobile in Milan. Colorful, fun and affordable, in a very short time, the watch has been a great success worldwide. The success of O clock has encouraged the creative Italian businessman to think about other accessories that have the same combinable DNA as the clock.

As a result, in 2012, it launched the “O bag” brand, the XL Extralight Material®, which can be combined and personalized in the same way as the O clock. Bag bodies, pliers, liners to protect the shoulder straps and the contents of the bag, as well as collars made of wool to faux fur are available to decorate and make the bag as unique and attractive as possible. O bag immediately became a CULT brand with over 6 million sales and the company’s turnover grew to 25 million euros in just one year. Customization became a trademark of the company, and soon after, it began developing a whole range of bag and watch types, and much more.

In addition to combinable bags and watches, the O bag now manufactures “O sun” sunglasses, “O hug” purses, “O shoes” and “O slippers” footwear, as well as household items such as the “O joy” smart lamp and “O eat” food carriers. In 2016, Italian designer Matteo Cibic designed the One, a strictly Made in Italy modular backpack that consists of three combinable elements, a technical material cover, shoulder straps, and an XL Extralight® sole. Each O bag product can be distinguished by the letter “O”, which means the three elements that underpin the brand’s philosophy: ONE, ORIGINAL, OWN, meaning ONE, ORIGINAL, OWN.

Because each product can be customized to a unique taste, each product is unique and original. This philosophy means that the buyer of O bag becomes part of the creative process of Italian brand products. By creating personalized compilations, the customer further enhances the uniqueness and originality that is the hallmark of the brand.

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