Body Bordeaux O bag sunrise

SKU: OBAGB017_EVS00_018
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MaterialThermoplastic compound
Size22cm high, 29cm wide, 8cm deep
Composition100% XL Extralight thermoplastic material

The price of the bag body also includes a button, which is currently available in Atlantic and blu navy colors! You can describe your choice of button color in the comments section when ordering.

Made from a flexible, waterproof, durable and easy-to-clean thermoplastic material, the O bag moon light XL Extralight body design is perfect in any conditions. The Moon light model is available in beautiful colors: you can find everything from natural and lighter tones to more vivid fashionable shades, then you can customize it with pliers, shoulder straps and linings! We recommend that you do not expose the XL Extralight® O bag moon light to direct sunlight, high temperatures (for example, do not leave it in a hot radiator in winter or in a hot car in summer) or other heat sources for a long time to avoid damage, deformation or discoloration. The O bag moon light XL Extralight® body is easy to clean: you can use an O clean sponge or warm water (30 ° C) with neutral soap, taking care not to rub it. The image of the XL Extralight® O bag moon light is for information only. The product may change during the manufacturing process. The photograph shows the color of the product as accurately as possible; however, different devices may differ in their screen settings. We cannot guarantee that the screen of the device you are using will return the color accurately.

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